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Skidområde Breuil - Cervinia

1.524 - 3.480m
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Breuil - Cervinia

1.524 - 3.480m

Pistplan Skidområde Breuil - Cervinia
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Valtournenche: 21.11.2020 - 11.4.2021

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Skidområde Breuil - Cervinia

The Snow Queen in the Aosta Valley

An infinite white area that begins at 1,524 meters Valtournenche, Breuil-Cervinia includes up to 3480 meters of Plateau Rosa, rises, reaches 4,000 meters of the Klein Matterhorn, 4,478 meters of climbing the Matterhorn.

One area that knows infinitely on the side of the Alps, Switzerland goes to Zermatt. One area where the snow sports, holidays and fun to say. The tourist appeal of Breuil-Cervinia is more than 200 years old. Mountaineers and explorers were the pioneers of a tourist, sports, scientific research and intellectual Holiday Association. In 1936 a new Cervinia was born. The construction of the first cable car is an avant-garde engineering work. The Hotel Gran Baita with the cable car departure station is located at the foot of the slopes and reaches more than 50 years, the concept of vervollständigtem Skistruktur. Breuil-Cervinia is the Snow Queen. From sports to movies, from politics to finance, the important people meet here.

Renewal is in Breuil-Cervinia is the key word. To give new sports, new ways to enjoy the holidays, new services at the pleasure of time. The high technology is not only very fast lifts, but also cable connection to the area to get with light light fibers to provide information in real time. The space and time dimensions to change, thanks to the e-ski passes, the key cards, and hotel reservations via the Internet. 350 000 Web surfers visit each month to look into a webcam, to read the weather forecast, check the paths open and the snow level. Breuil-Cervinia is the goal of cooperation between all operators in the area for all guests is always offering new and advanced solutions and high quality items.

The ski area

Valtournenche The Breuil-Cervinia, Zermatt is one of the largest in the Alps: it has an eclectic, incomparable Skidomäne extending over three valleys in two countries - Italy and Switzerland - extends from the 3,883 m height of the Little Matterhorn down to the 1,524 m in Valtournenche.

360 km of pistes you can ski all day without ever having to repeat a track. Easier trails are interspersed with challenging ski runs.

Kontakt Skidområde Breuil - Cervinia

Breuil Cervinia
Piazzale Funivie, I-11021 Breuil Cervinia

+39 0166 944311
+39 0166 944311
+39 0166 944399
Linbanor Turistförbund
Utvärdering 4,5
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