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BERGFEX: Skidområde Ischgl - Skidsemester Ischgl - Wintersportgebiet Ischgl

Skidområde Ischgl


1.377 - 2.872m

Pistplan Skidområde Ischgl

Aktuelle Informationen

Idag, 12:07 0 från 45
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Nyheter Ischgl

Flimjoch chairlift

Opened in 1993, the 4-seater chairlift has a capacity of 2,400 pax/h and has successfully completed a total of 30 million rides. The Flimjoch chairlift runs from Idalp to Flimjoch at 2,752 m above sea level.

The peak times for the line are in the morning and the late afternoon. The chairlift is particularly busy during the morning when it serves to whisk visitors to the back bowl ski area of Alp Trida. In order to optimise this vital link to the Idalp-Alp Trida axis, the existing 4-seater chairlift at Flimjoch will be replaced by a modern 8-seater with a capacity of 3,200 pax/h in summer 2016. The mountain station will also be upgraded to ensure safe operation even in windy conditions. The exit area will be enclosed. This will allow the operator to open the wind-sheltered side, which can be determined depending on the wind direction.

The two underground floors of the valley station feature a chairlift garage, a filling station, a slope equipment garage and storage facilities.

Shortly after planning permission was granted for the construction of a new chairlift on 12 May 2016, the old Flimjoch chairlift was dismantled and construction work began on the new chairlift. Much of the work on the new chairlift, such as the entire concrete construction work for the mountain station and the support tower foundations, was carried out by the employees of Silvrettaseilbahn AG.

Unique worldwide – in Ischgl twice over:
The No. 9 support tower for the Höllbodenbahn chairlift is also the No. 3 support tower for Flimjoch chairlift. Thus two different 8-seater chairlift lines are using the same support tower in their day-to-day operations. This is unique worldwide. In theory this one support tower has the capacity to transport 6,900 passengers per hour. The support tower has a height of 25 m. The Idjochbahn also has two 8-seater chairlifts crossing on the same support tower.

Smuggler's Run - New ski run with prize draw

Like all border areas, Paznaun was a popular smuggling region in times of need. The smugglers who had unmatched knowledge of the local mountains ran contraband such as butter, cheese and furs to the neighbouring Samnaun over the border in Switzerland and brought back anything that was in short supply or highly sought after: coffee, rice, flour, tobacco, saccharin (sweetener), spices, etc. The work of smuggler was physically demanding. A rucksack filled with contraband usually weighed around 40 to 50 kg.

The new Smuggler's Run will open to skiers in December 2016. The modern-day Smuggler's Run routes are ski trails through the resorts of Ischgl and Samnaun. Three different runs will be available to explore:

Smuggler’s Run Gold:
35.7 km trail
58.9 km cable car rides and kilometres of ski run
6,463 m altitude difference

Smuggler’s Run Silver:
24.7 km trail
41 km cable car rides and kilometres of ski run
4,745 m altitude difference

Smuggler’s Run Bronze:
19.8 km trail
42.5 km cable car rides and kilometres of ski run
4,261 m altitude difference

The Smuggler's Run Gold and Silver are for advanced skiers only. The Bronze run is on a slope with an easy level of difficulty (blue).

All participants who register for the Smuggler’s Run via the free iSki Ischgl app for iOS or Android, which tracks each skier’s progress, will automatically be entered in the daily prize draw with a chance to great prizes. Speed will not be taken into account. For more information please visit www.schmugglerrunde.com

New ski run signage, Silvretta Arena

The ski run signage system, which has been in place for numerous years, will be upgraded in summer 2016. In addition to the replacement of old signs, new ski run signage will be erected at 100 locations throughout the ski resort. The new signage will naturally be developed according to Ischgl CI and Samnaun CI. There will also be a trail map available at each location, which will significantly improve orientation in the ski area.


The new Ischgl SkyFly offers daredevils an opportunity to zip wire 50 m above the ground into valley in the direction of Ischgl.

Thrill seekers will hit breathtaking speeds of up to 84 km/h on the 2 km long ride. Two parallel wires run from the middle station Sivrettabahn A1 (1,683 m) via two intermediate stations to the roof terrace of the valley station of 3-S Pardatschgratbahn A3 (1,376 m). This means that two people can "fly" together into the valley. On the second spectacular stretch of the new attraction, zip wire enthusiasts can fly under the Kitzloch suspension bridge and through the Fimbabahn. Adrenaline rush guaranteed.

The SkyFly will be in operation from winter 2016/17. Ski equipment can of course also be transported along during the flight.

Skidområde Ischgl

Ischgl ligger i Paznaun-dalen mellan Silvretta och Verwallgruppen - på 1.377 m höjd över havet. Ischgl är med mer än 200 km pist och över 40 liftanläggningar ett av de största skidområdena i Alperna. Ischgls karaktär präglas av många uppsluppna Après-Ski-partyn och av några lyxhotell. Säsongsslutet firas alltid med stora popkonserter.

Huvudskidområdet (90%) ligger på mellan 2.000 m och 2.872 m höjd och erbjuder med de snösäkra nordsidorna skidupplevelser från slutet av november till början av maj.
Silvretta-Arenan förbinder med sina mer än 40 lift- och linbaneanläggningar samt över 200 km välpreparerade pister Ischgl med schweiziska Samnaun som inte ingår i tullområdet – glöm inte passet!

Värt att veta om Ischgl:

  • ca. 1.500 invånare
  • 10.300 ha kommunyta
  • 1 region Mathon
  • 11 distrikt
  • språk: tyska
  • turistort
  • idag är Ischgl en av de viktigaste och mest omtyckta vintersportorterna i Europa

Information om skidanläggningen:

  • 90% av skidanläggningen ligger på mellan 2.000 och
  • 2.872 m höjd över havet. Detta möjliggör skidupplevelser på

snösäkra nordsidor från slutet av november till början av maj

  • mer än 230 km preparerade pister
  • över 20 km skidspår
  • mer än 490 snökanoner som sörjer för totalt 195 ha pister med konstsnö.

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Kontakt Skidområde Ischgl

Skidområde Ischgl

Silvrettaseilbahn AG
Silvrettaplatz 2, A-6561 Ischgl

+43 (0)5444 606
+43 (0)50 990 100
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