The Beach - Carosello 3000

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The Beach - Carosello 3000
Carosello 3000/ Livigno

THE BEACH - The snow park with a tropical setting!

Surf the waves of the sea. Relax in the sun between palm trees and coconuts. Make new acquaintances among the beach party goers. Keep your eyes peeled for the big shark living in the bay. Smile, you're at 3000 metres altitude!

The Beach is an easy-snowpark with an incredible tropical setting. Here freeskiers and snowboarders find the right facilities and stimulation to learn and grow, while pro riders can spend fun and relaxing days with friends.

The 250-metre-long Baby chairlift (No. 13) serves the snowpark.

The Beach is also the location of one of the craziest and most popular snowboarding and freeskiing events in the entire Alpine region: the famous banked slalom "The Guardian".

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The Beach Snow Park

2700 m
1.000 m

The park is a kilometer long, have a boardercross, a boarderfun for kids, a snowpark with 3 different lines: easy, medium, pro.

  • Here you have the list of obstacles:

bagjump 15x15, 4 meter high, open all day.
Rails: straight 3 m
Box: straight 4 m, straight 12 m, up-flat-down 14 m, wave 12 m, rainbow 12 m, rainbow 4 m, straight 4 m
Jib feature: swing , 2 tubes, 2 bins and.... surprise, check
Kicker: table 5 e 7 mt, table 4 e 6 m, kicker 12 m, kicker 15 m ,
8 kicker more, from 2 to 6 m.


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Park Designer
Gabriele Della Fonte
Head Shaper
Simano Salvatori
Utvärdering 1,0
1 Utvärdering
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