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The fairytale resort

This enchanting Engadin village offers a holiday idyll for all the family. And the Fairytale Trail has many a story to tell.

In the very heart of the high-lying Engadin Valley is the charming village of Bever, which does nothing more passionately than tells stories – with its quaint gardens and deep-set windows. With its flowers that adorn the niches and steps. With its mighty, newly renovated church tower, which rises up towards the blue sky and boldly strikes the time, time that seems to pass by at a more leisurely pace than elsewhere.

However, Bever’s most beautiful stories are told just beyond the confines of the village – along the Fairytale Trail through the Bever Valley. In the mystical, rugged nature, a path guides visitors from one fairytale to the next, all of them penned by Engadin authors and brought to life by sculptures created by local artists. Stories about witches, bears and fairies. And – it is rumoured – if you listen very carefully during your excursion into the romantic Val Bever, you might even hear the voice of a real-life gnome...


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Kontakt Bever

Engadin St. Moritz Tourismus AG
Via Maistra 1, CH-7500 St. Moritz

+41 81 837 33 33
+41 81 837 33 77

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