Kandersteg - Sunnbüel

1.200 - 1.936m
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Kandersteg - Sunnbüel
1.200 - 1.936m

Active against the Alpine backdrop.
Wolfsbane, meadow rue and funnel lily blossom below, while the majestic limestone rock rises above. On Sunnbüel there are many opportunities to discover the beauty of the Bernese Oberland on your own. While some rest in the cool pine forest, others keep moving - on the rope, on foot or by mountain bike. But what strives apart finds its way back together: Because the cultural programme also brings a lot of momentum to the mountain region.

Source: www.sunnbuel.ch

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Luftseilbahn Kandersteg-Sunnbüel AG
Innere Dorfstrasse, 219, CH-3718 Kandersteg

+41 33 675 81 41
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