Morbegno Bassa Valle

200 - 3.033m
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Morbegno Bassa Valle
200 - 3.033m

The Morbegno area is the perfect destination for people who enjoy “slow tourism”. Masino Valley, also known as Italy’s Yosemite Park, is a paradise for climbers. The area’s countless granite walls are unlike any others and offer a variety of levels of difficulty, attracting climbers from around the world.

The Masino Valley also has a historic thermal spa - Relais Bagni di Masino - set in a centuries-old forest that seems almost enchanted. With its Roma Trail, Masino Valley is a destination for the most daring skyracing (extreme mountain running) enthusiasts.

The town of Morbegno is also well worth visiting. It has a rich history and culture, as well as a wide selection of leisure activities and evening entertainment options.

For winter sports fans, the Gerola Valley ski area is the perfect place for those who prefer skiing in a peaceful setting.

The Gerola Valley is also the homeland of Bitto Storico, an alpine cheese with truly exceptional characteristics. Visitors have an opportunity to discover and learn about the unique, ancient production method used to make small batches of this high quality cheese.


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Morbegno Turismo
Piazza M. Bossi, 7/8, I-23017 Morbegno

+39 0342 601140

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