Vico Morcote

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Vico Morcote

Its pleasant position among woods and vineyards make this village a small architectural jewel and an attraction for tourists from all over the region.

The old town centre of Vico Morcote is very well preserved, with narrow streets and porticoes, houses dating to the 17th and 18th centuries and a magnificent baroque church in a panoramic position.
Besides its interesting historical-architectural heritage, Vico Morcote is at the centre of a dense network of trails and is thus the ideal starting point for excursions of great beauty in the midst of lush Mediterranean flora.

At the very heart of the Arbostora Farm there is a castle dating back to 1450; it is in a dominant position jutting out over the lake, 200 m. above the village of Morcote, all this creating the most suggestive of scenarios. A historical vineyard that is accessible to the public grows on the terraces surrounding the castle. Vico Morcote also features several restaurants, a luxury hotel and a University Institute of Architecture. The municipal port on the lake, the “trail of the senses” and other recreational areas, complete the numerous leisure time possibilities.


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Lugano Turismo
Palazzo Civico, CH-6900 Lugano

+41 58 866 66 00
+41 58 866 66 09

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