BERGFEX: Skidområde Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal - Skidsemester Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal

Skidområden Sydtyrol

Skidområde Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal

950 - 2.400m
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Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal

950 - 2.400m

Pistplan Skidområde Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal
SnövärdenIdag, 08:01
Idag, 08:01
127 cm
51 cm
8 från 8
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04.12.2021 - 18.04.2022
08:30 - 16:00

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22 km (9)
13 km (5)
6 km (4)
Freeride/ Rutter
5 km
41 km

Nyheter Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal

The long-awaited wish to make the Speikboden valley run accessible to mediocre skiers has now become a reality! During the past summer months, the piste was rebuilt and adapted to today's safety and quality requirements, and has therefore not only earned a new color (pertaining to difficulty), but also a new name! There are still plenty of interesting sections for experienced skiers, but even the mediocre skier will now have no problems mastering the slope.

The conveyor belt "Tottomandl" is 220 metres long, with a 75 cm wide carpet on which a height difference of 43 metres can be comfortably and safely made. A Plexiglas roof construction protects against the weather. In the past summer months, part of the conveyor belt was tunneled under to provide a better connection to the mountain station of the Speikboden cable car. An approximately 50m wide slope now leads over the conveyor belt.

As a family skiing area, the offer for beginners is constantly being expanded: from December on, there will be a new family variation that connects the Speikboden mountain station with the cable car "Almexpress"! This turns the first attempts on skis into a real experience!

Skidområde Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal

Speikboden Bergbahnen is a snow-secure, familiarly skiing-area in the valley “Tauferer-Ahrntal”. It contains 8 cableways with a total transport performance of 12.140 persons/hour. About 100 hectare and 41km of slopes has to offer enough liberty for everyone – from the summit (2.400 m altitude) to the valley (950 m altitude). Many alternations of the terrain and very wide slopes make happy beginners and professional skiers. In the summer the “Speikboden” is a fantastic hiking area!

Kontakt Skidområde Speikboden - Tauferer Ahrntal

Speikboden AG
Drittelsand 7, I-39032 Sand in Taufers

+39 0474 678122
+39 0474 678122
Linbanor Turistförbund
Utvärdering 4,5
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