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BERGFEX: Hotel Lux Alpinae: Hotell St. Anton am Arlberg, St. Anton am Arlberg


Hotel Lux Alpinae - Sankt Anton am Arlberg

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Hotel Lux Alpinae

6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

56 Bäddar
Alexander Kertess
Arlbergstraße 41, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg

A genuine experience

A holiday in St. Anton without the deer antlers. With a gigantic Alpine backdrop and one of the most famous skiing areas in the world outside. With urban flair and unintrusive hospitality indoors. With extraordinary architecture and the kind of food you’d get at a cool, hip restaurant. Glass, steel, fairfaced concrete.

Lots of light permeates through lots of windows. It’s cosy, though. And snug, too. A place to enjoy quality time off. Featuring a sauna, massages, steam bath and recreation. The wine list is extensive.

A hotel with a climbing wall! Just a few minutes’ walk from the centre. Cool and uncomplicated. With perfect service.

And guests who come back, time and time again.

The Hotel

An even lovelier place to stay

Concrete, glass and steel are cool elements. Lots of light and luscious colours infuse them with warmth. That’s not a contradiction. It’s all part of the plan.

A relaxed atmosphere that makes you feel at ease. A place where personal service and quality right down to the last detail do not contrast with each other. On the contrary: no-one puts on an act here. Everyone’s friendly. Humour and kindness are not a front.

The rooms are different. But then you’re on holiday, after all. The hotel is straightforward. That’s how you can be, too, over here, where your hosts and the staff genuinely like their guests, where the man in charge likes a good laugh and where children are the cook’s friends.

Welcome to Hotel Lux Alpinae. To a holiday with style. If you know what we mean.

The rooms

Four walls, bold colours. Wood. Loads of light shining through a wall made entirely of glass. Unusual. Outside you can see the Rendelalm. But the people there can’t look in at you. The bathroom cube is in your room and made of glass. Blinds shut off the view of the outside while casting stripes on the walls inside. Amusing.

With LAN and wireless Internet access. A digital screen into the quiet night. Smooth concrete to the left, light to the right, fairly rough wood above you and glass behind you. A wonderfully comfortable feeling when you lie down – with your choice of cushion.

Everything you need. Anything you want.

Just as you like.

After a day out skiing on the slopes relax in the sauna. Or would you prefer the steam bath? Just as you like!

The climbing wall here is more admired than climbed. Yet those who climb it are rewarded with admiration. And there’s always the relaxation room which you can use before, after, or simply instead.

Hours at the bar pass by more quickly than anywhere else in the Lux Alpinae. Your car is parked securely in the warm indoor car park. The glass lift offers interesting views – of the mountain world and the lobby. And of the people in the lobby. Reading, sitting down, chatting with each other.

Anything else? Ah yes: our masseur pays a visit to our hotel on a regular basis. And those in search of an excellent night’s sleep have a choice of a herbal, relaxation or energetic pillow.

Yoga: Every Tuseday and every Thursday from 08:00 am to 08:30 am!


Alexander und Sabine Kertess
Arlbergstraße 41, 6580 St.Anton am Arlberg

Number of rooms: 26
Room amenities: satellite TV, internet, balcony
Restaurant seats: 65
Equipment: sauna, steam bath, relaxation room, climbing wall
Garage: 15 parking spaces
Distance to center: 1km (0,6 miles)

Distance to next ski lift: 700m (0,4 miles)
by Shuttle: 1 min.
by foot: 10 min.


Just like us

The hotel is like its owners. Unconventional, though friendly and harmonious. Hoteliers wearing jeans, a breath of urbanity at 1,304 m above sea level. In the daytime Sabine and Alexander always find time for brief conversations with their guests. And, if necessary, Alex himself will take you to the slopes. Or to the cableway.

Sabine und Alexander have spent their whole lives working in the hospitality industry. They know how it works and do many things differently. The result is an unusual hotel, an informal atmosphere and an unforgettable holiday on the Arlberg, where nature and modernity co-exist in perfect harmony.

Anticipating your desires...

The team aims to fulfil wishes even before guests put them in words. Fruit seems to be uncannily at hand just a moment before you realise you’d like some. If you find yourself wondering how you should get to the cableway, you’re probably already standing opposite the hotel’s driver.

He’ll take you to the village centre, to the piste or to the cableway. And he’ll also pick you up on your way back. Need to get on the Internet? Your room already has a LAN cable. Just boot up your laptop and you’ll get the message: Wireless networks found. If your muscles start to ache from skiing, you’ll easily discover when the masseurs are about. They’re frequently in the hotel. Feels good. Breakfast. The buffet is copious but if you should find something missing, simply tell us. Though usually that’s not necessary.

Better to live unusually

Money can’t buy you courage. Fairfaced concrete is grey and rough. Lots of glass easily starts to appear cold and sterile. Loud colours are either fun or make you feel nervous. You really have to know exactly what you’re doing before you start to play around with these ingredients.

Architect Georg Driendl knows his trade. And he was quite aware of the debt he owed to the trust his customers had placed in him. A solution combining cosiness and warmth with coolness and a little tongue in cheek here, there and everywhere. A sliding door here, a dividing wall there. The only lift in the region to be decorated on the top. Interesting.


inspire and conspire. They do lots of things just like you. But many things they do differently. For good reason or by mistake. But they stay friends even so. Or precisely because of that.

Family run hotels


Friends and partners



Straightforward at a very high level

The kitchen also lives and breathes the philosophy of the hotel. Seemingly simple dishes belie a wealth of sophistication. Straightforward, functional, with lots of ingenuity going into each and every detail. An entire wheel of cheese for example. It’s the centre-point of the cheese buffet which crowns the end of each dinner. Four courses are standard here – and you won’t find the same dish served at your table within the course of a week, much as you might sometimes like it to. The salad bar is also a fount of ingenuity and offers a new surprise every day. And as for the breakfast buffet: well, need we say more? A superb way to start the day.

Wine culture

Wine drinking is a philosophy of life. Discovering different wines is a pleasurable and rewarding time investment.

Our wine list enables you to travel through the whole of Austria. Enjoy the new successful wines of southern Styria or the full-bodied reds of the Burgenland or the southwest of the region. And of course we also offer exquisite wines from all over the world – starting, we might add, with our table wine...

The most important place

James Joyce once said if it wasn’t for barmen he’d have no-one to talk to. But that’s not true over here. Many outgoing, communicative guests finish off their day at the bar. And what a bar it is, too! The man behind it dispenses all the international classics from the deliciously fruity and creamy sweet right down to the harder stuff. The beer, we hear, comes in for a lot of praise as does the loooong wine list.

Speaking of listening, the music is just like the architecture of the hotel: modern and pleasant. Perfect.

St. Anton

First class

Skiing and the Arlberg, skiing and St. Anton. They’re congruent terms. Enter the word Kandahar on Google Austria and you’ll find that the second entry refers to St. Anton, because the Earl of Kandahar founded one of the first ski clubs in the world here. And, you know, what Google says is true.

460 km of downhill runs are also a fact. Steep slopes, off-piste trails, snowboard fun parks, carving areas and permanent racecourses make the skiing area around St. Anton one of top destinations, or let’s be honest, THE top destination for skiing and snowboarding in the Alps.

And if that’s not enough for you, then you can always try out the latest trend in extreme skiing: speed riding with a small paraglider on skis.




Huvudsäsong Vor-/Nebensaison
Övernattning - -
med frukost - -
Halvpension 306 € till 342 € 180 € till 260 €
All-inclusive - -
Huvudsäsong Vor-/Nebensaison
Övernattning - -
med frukost 40 € till 60 € 30 € till 50 €
Halvpension - -
All-inclusive - -
56 Bäddar
Alexander Kertess
Arlbergstraße 41, 6580 St. Anton am Arlberg


Double room (Doppelzimmer)
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