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Val Park - Val d´Isère

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Val Park - Val d´Isère

Val d'Isère - Tignes

Val Park -

On the main mountain called Bellevarde, in the Val d’Isère Ski Resort, the Snowpark (altitude: 2500 meters) has an easy access. From the village, take the Gondola the Olympique, or the Funicular if you are in La Daille. Go down few slopes and go to the ski lift Snowpark or the chairlift Mont-Blanc. Welcome!

The Snowpark normally opens in the first two weeks of December and is closed at the end of April. Everything depends of the snow conditions. Daily, the Snowpark is open between 9:30 AM and 4 PM except stormy days.

The Snowpark has 6 differents levels lines, Small for Beginner, Medium for Intermediate, Slopestyle, Mini-Pipe, Large for Good and XL for Expert.

Skidområde Val d'Isère - Tignes

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