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Garda Trentino

Dro - Garda Trentino

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Dro - Garda Trentino


This small village situated in the valley of the River Sarca to the North of Lake Garda with the typical style of the Upper Garda area - palaces and century-old houses, traditional portals, small arches, medieval towers, irregular small streets. An antiquity set in a landscape full of vegetation and fruit trees thriving near the mountains. Noteworthy is the cultivation of the plums of Dro and the production of the "Vino Santo" according to the traditional methods. Of great morphological and environmental interest is the glacial phenomenon of the moraines affecting the landscape: these are the widest and most significant in Europe and consist of a massive chaotic mass of rocks with blocks of gigantic dimensions covering the valley floor and giving the terrain a striking deserted appearance on which the vegetation has only partially taken roots.

Dro is one of the oldest communities of the Valle del Sarca and is rich in historical sites, such as the deconsecrated church of SS. Sisinio, Martirio and Alessandro, the Baroque church of S. Antonio and the Roman bridge of Ceniga. In this paradise of rock faces suited for all climbing enthusiasts there are many opportunities for hikes and walks.


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Trentino S.p.A.
Largo Medaglie d’Oro al Valor Militare, 5, I-38066 Riva del Garda (TN)

+39 0464 554444
+39 0464 520308

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