Welcome to Sesto!

Many people have fallen in love with the village of Sesto, due to its unique mountain backdrop.

However, visitors who would only look at the stunning landscape around the village in the holidayregion 3 Zinnen Dolomites would miss a lot! We invite you on an exciting discovery tour through the village in the mountains of the Three Peaks or Tre Cime di Lavaredo. Read more about Sesto’s history, culture and uniqueness. Get to know the Sesto people, listen to their old stories and pick up the odd “well-kept secret”.

Sesto and mountaineering are inseparable. This is hardly surprising. The village is framed by the towering, famous peaks of the “Sesto Sun Dial” mountains, that have determined the life and work of the population since ancient times and shaped it in a unique way. The heritage of Sepp Innerkofler (1865-1915) – a mountaineer, war hero and tourism pioneer – is one of the most outstanding examples of the close connection between the village and the mountains in Sesto. The “mountaineer”, as Innerkofler was called, became a passionate outdoors man and poacher and had the bright idea to offer guided tours in the Sesto Dolomite Mountains to well-to-do amateur mountaineers. This obviously included several, spectacular first-time ascents, including the Three Peaks! The foundation for the subsequent development of Sesto from an idyllic mountain farmer’s village to a professionally structured holiday destination had been laid!

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Dolomitenregion Drei Zinnen
Dolomitenregion Drei Zinnen
Dolomitenregion Drei Zinnen
Dolomitenregion Drei Zinnen

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