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Skidområde Candanchú

1.530 - 2.400m
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1.530 - 2.400m

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Skidområde Candanchú

The ski resort Candanchu is located in the Aragonese Pyrenees, right on the river Aragon and just 1 km away from Puerto del Somport (Somport road tunnel) situated on the French-Spanish border. The Astún ski resort is close by, and the town of Jaca is 27 km north. On the right bank of the river Aragon, near the bridge of Santa Cristina, are the ruins of the hospital Santa Cristina Somport and an inn for pilgrims on the "Camino de Santiago" (Way of St. James).

A hallmark of the ski area is the sector Tobazo Bajo - Pista Grande, that represents without doubt one of the best areas for beginners and children in the world. The area provides 8 green slopes and 2 blue. At the foot is a cafe as a meeting point, from where you overlook the slopes and so can be directly present at the first turns of your offspring.

Moreover, Candanchú can boast about having no days off due to bad weather over ther season. Geographcally the area is completely sheltered from the wind. Candanchu is known for its breathtaking scenery and is known for this reason as one of the finest ski resorts in Spain.

In addition to the wide range for beginners, the resort attracts intermediate and experts in the same way with black slopes called "Tubo de la Zapatilla" and "Loma Verde".

While the off-snow season many other sports are offered such as climbing or hiking with some important routes like the GR11, the "way of chamomile" or the "Camino de Santiago". Even bird watching is possible in the rich diversity of fauna and flora, with common sightings of chamois or typical of the Pyrenees snow flowers.

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