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07.12.2022 - 10.04.2023
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By December 2019, Nassfeld Mountain Railways will have invested a total of € 9.6m in order to make the entire ski resort even more attractive for visitors.

Increase of mechanical snowmaking facilities
The main objective of the investments in the snowmaking infrastructure has been full snow-coverage of the main pistes by increasing, renewing and improving the mechanical snowmaking facilities within 5-6 days. For this, a new pond for snowmaking, holding 110,000 m³ of water, has been created, new pipes as well as taps, with adequate automation of the pump stations for increasing the capacity by an additional 300 litres of water per second, have been installed. Purchase of top-modern snowmaking facilities: 63 units (20 lances and 43 propeller machines) as well as three new state-of-the-art piste bullies, with cable winches and snow depth measuring instruments, guarantee even better piste conditions in the 2019/2020 winter season.

Improvement of the piste programme
By adapting the terrain, the area of various ski pistes at Nassfeld has been expanded, thus ensuring improvements for sporty skiers. The beginner area on the Tressdorfer Alm has also been expanded and a new 140 metres long conveyor for skiers has been installed.

Customer information and service infrastructure:
By upgrading the fibre optic technology, all processes – information, booking and payment processes – of the attended and unattended sales channels will be handled significantly faster in future.

Customer information
To improve customer information, the digital info areas – TV Info Channel – have been expanded and are going to be optimised with the introduction of the mobile “My Nassfeld Pressegger See“ guest info app, which is scheduled for summer in 2020.

Attended sales/service centre
Conversion of the cash desk area at the lower terminus in Tröpolach
The sales counters, among other things, have been modernised by optimising and restructuring the cash desk area at the lower terminus of the Millennium Express in Tröpolach. This significantly increases the sales capacities especially during full winter operation and provides more comfort for staff.

Unattended sales/self-service
Aim of the purchase of additional ticket machines for self-service as well as creating further facilities like “ski pass online ticketing“ is to make bookings by customers easier and faster.

December highlights
With the season start on 6 December 2019, the ski resort of Nassfeld makes the heart of all skiers and snowboarders beat faster! How NENA and her band start the new winter season can be experienced in front of the impressive setting of Nassfeld the weekend after, on 14 December. Support act will be the popular Austrian artist “Luke Andrews" and an impressive laser show will end the event. Also, on that weekend: The “Yeti Snow Show“ from 12 until 15 December – the legendary opening of the Czech ski freaks with many stars and starlets. The ”Skifun” Family Christmas Ski Opening will take place from 19 until 21 December.

Nice surprise at the piste
Nassfeld offers fun experiences full of variety: Whether snow park, “The Snake“, freeride areas or speed & ski movie tracks, the Nassfeld cinemas or photo points – there is something to be discovered at every corner in the top-developed ski resort. “Surprise guys and girls“ are waiting with surprise goodies along the piste from January.


Amazingly generous, vast, snow-reliable and almost unbeatable when it comes to the mountain panorama; anyone who comes to Nassfeld, one of Austria’s TOP 10 ski resorts, can expect quite something. But the ski resort can even top that and provides its guests with moments of surprise that bring a smile to their faces. Special aha moments for sports and leisure skiers are waiting at every “corner“ of the well-developed ski resorts with its 30 modern mountain railways and lifts and 110 kilometres of pistes. Whether snow park, The Snake, freeride areas or Ski Movie race track – simply look out for the “Nice Surprise“ information boards and discover a completely new side to winter sport!

Leisurely culinary “carving“ between Austrian ski huts and Italian “ristoranti“ provide you with a taste of the southern lifestyle. But they are not the only ones radiating southern flair. It is especially the plus on sunshine that characterises the winter in the Southern Alps and surprises many winter sportsmen and women. With its sheer amount of sunshine, Nassfeld is clearly ahead in the entire alpine region!

Nassfeld – the sporty skiing area at one glance:

  • “TOP 10 ski resort“ in Austria
  • Stunning mountain panorama in the Southern Alps
  • 110 km of pistes, 30 modern mountain railways and lifts
  • Snow reliability & the most hours of sunshine in the entire Alps
  • 25 ski huts & piste restaurants, largest sun terrace in the Alps
  • Austrian cosy atmosphere & southern lifestyle
  • Freeride & fun areas, snow park, The Snake, Ski Movie
  • Free Wi-Fi in the ski resort
  • 3 children’s practising areas
  • Tobogganing, cross-country skiing, ski touring, snowshoe hiking, night skiing …

…. and? Get ready to be surprised!

Nassfeld Ski surprise - Kids invited!
Affordable skiing holidays for families at Nassfeld! Children up to the age of 9.99 are invited to the ski pass and stay free of charge. Special equipment package.


Nassfeld-Pressegger See
Sonnenalpe Nassfeld, A-9620 Hermagor

+43 4285 8241
+43 4285 8241
+43 4285 8242
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11.06.2022 - 02.10.2022
Antal Liftar

Kabinenbahn Millennium-Express
11.06. - 25.09.2022, täglicher Betrieb
09:00 - 16:15 Uhr (16:30 Uhr Tressdorfer Alm)

Gartnerkofel 4er Sesselbahn
09:00 - 16:00 Uhr

Madritschen 6er Sesselbahn
11.06. - 18.09.2022
09:00 - 16:00 Uhr

KEIN BETRIEB: Bei Schlechtwetter, Gewitter und starkem Nebel!

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