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Camonica Valley has always been synonym of nature, art and history

It is famous for its Rock Drawings all over the world, recognized World Heritage Site by Unesco. Our territory is rich of signs that testify the presence of human being from time out of mind.

In addition to many parks of Rock Art there are also the invaluable cultural heritage of the Roman Age, beautiful churches frescoed by cultured artists of the Renaissance, such as Romanino and Pietro from Cemmo and in particular an efficient territorial of museums addicted to the preservation and
development of our origins, traditions and past.

But Camonica Valley is much more!
Come to Camonica Valleymeans also to lapse into nature and sport, to be literally carried by ski tows in order to nurture the ski passion. Also the most daring people find many snow board trails. Numerous mountain tracks, covered by snow, become
the perfect place to go with “snowshoes” or do cross-country skiing.

“Camunia” is the perfect choice for your summer holiday. You can have beautiful excursions, walk in open air and through many wonderful trails of Adamello
Park and Stelvio Park. Our Valley is an excellent option to cycle peacefully among
the woods or on difficult route for mountain bike and to ride along ancient tracks
like our forefathers.

What’s better than concluding holiday in relax? Choose our thermal baths to
regenerate body and mind. Holiday in Camonica Valley is the perfect occasion to
discover a treasure of unique tastes for refined palates.

This and much more is waiting for you here in “Camonica Valley”, the valley
of Landmarks!


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