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Inden - the Valais village on the Gemmi Route

The route to Leukerbad and over the Gemmi always led through Inden. The so-called "Roman bridge" (1539) and the blasting out at the Varnerleitern (1739) still point to various flourishing phases of the Gemmi Route today. Even in modern times, Inden is an ideal starting point to the bathing and holiday resort of Leukerbad (post bus 10 min.) or to the Rhone Valley - namely to the Valais Pfyn - Finges Nature Park.

An old LLB freight car from the former cogwheel railway from Leuk to Leukerbad in the years 1915-1967 has been completely renovated and converted into a 270° cinema with additional floor projection.

A time travel through 777 years of Inden from 1242-2019 as well as the railway line of the LLB is staged. The history of Inden and the LLB is told in a very small space with numerous 2D/3D animations and effects and accompanied by a digital presentation. The production is fully automated and operated via a touch interface. The 270° cinema in the railway carriage is located on the roof of the municipal office. The show has been adapted to spring 2023 with new content and is free of charge.

Walking suggestions:

LLB circular walk with Amade: To do so, scan the QR code with your mobile phone or tablet at the respective station. Let our train attendant Amade take you back in time in the films, each of which lasts approx. 3 minutes. Simply scan one of the three QR codes in your favourite language and off you go. You will also find out lots of interesting information about the region. If you don't have a smartphone or tablet with you: Each of the 6 posts also has information boards. Easy hike, hiking time approx. 1.5 h. The interactive trail is designed in Valais German, German and French.

Culture trail at the former lime kiln: The interrelationship between nature and culture is demonstrated in an impressive and diverse way along the Dala-Raspille culture trail.

From the Gemmi, the path leads through rugged rock faces down into the basin of Leukerbad. Through meadows and pastures, later through wooded areas, the trail leads leisurely towards Inden. Below the village there is another steep rock face to overcome. Now the field of vision widens. The Rhone valley shows its full width. Along an extensive dry slope, the path gradually descends to Varen. Through terraced vineyards and along the Mengis water conduit, you finally reach Salgesch.

For more information on Inden, see:

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Kontakt Inden VS

Gemeinde Inden
Hauptstrasse 41, CH-3953 Inden

+41 27 470 28 56

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Järnvägar i bergsområden Sommardrift
  • Leukerbad
    24.06.2023 - 29.10.2023 (2 Hissar)
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