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Gallzein (825 metres above sea level) is located on a terrace above the Inn River - at the feet of the foothills of the Tux Prealps. Thanks to its low number of residents - around 500 people live here - everyone knows everyone and is there immediately to lend a hand. This solidarity also applies to those coming on holiday to the region. It's not just the cordiality and easygoingness of Gallzein locals, but also the peacefulness and beauty of nature that contribute to this unhurried village being a true recreational area for visitors to the Silver Region.

At first glance, the municipality of Gallzein does not seem to be an unusual village, but when you set out to explore you will be surprised time and again by the pristine nature and down-to-earth people. Bucherbach stream, which is also called Schwadererbach by the locals, flows through the district of Gallzein in a deep gouge in the centre. It flows into the River Inn close to Buch. East of the gouge are the hamlets of Hochgallzein, Niederleiten and Schöllerberg. To the west or the hamlets of Kogelmoos, Hof, Wahrbühel and Gattern with Nasen, Axdorf and Gasteig.

Those who set off on a hike or a walk from Gallzein must not miss out on the chance to put in a visit to the Kogelmoosalm Lodge. The landlords pamper their guests with extraordinary delicacies. They pick most of the ingredients for the organic food directly in their herb garden at their own front door or the nearby forest. The idyllic path up to the local mountain of Gallzein alone let's you guess just what wonderful nature hides up there.

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TVB Silberregion Karwendel
Münchner Straße 11, A-6130 Schwaz

+43 5242 63240
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